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Where is data stored?

Where is user data stored?

All data related to users, teams and tasks is stored in CosmosDB database which is part of Azure ecosystem. Files from VFC, user and team avatars are stored in Azure BLOB storage. All payment data is securely stored in Braintree which is PCI compliant service provided by PayPal.
CosmosDB and Azure BLOB storages are located in South Central US region.

Is any data stored on my device?


How does New User Registration work?
How do I create an additional profile?
How do I create a caree profile?
Main menu overview

Main Menu Overview (Youtube)

How do I use the Invite Helpers Dashboard?
How do I accept invites?

Accept Invites (Youtube)

How do we create our First Task?

Create First Task (Youtube)

How to View the Calendar Task Dashboard
How do I mark a task done?

Mark Task Done (Youtube)

How do I use the Advanced Search Task List?
What is tag management?

Tag Management (Youtube)

All about setting Preferences.
How do I add files to the Virtual File Cabinet?
What are Multiple Team Views?
What are Multiple Team Views?
What are Multiple Team Views?


How do I get around in the IRIIS Web App?
How to Register

Registration (Youtube)

Working with Additional Profile Details
How do I post a Caree profile?

Post Caree Profile (Youtube)

How to use the Invite Helpers Dashboard
How do I do a text invite on my phone?

Text Invite Phone (Youtube)

How do I invite an existing user by email?
Working with Primary Helper Preferences
Adding primary helper tasks
How to View Tasks

View of Tasks (Youtube)

View Primary Helper Calendar
How do I add files to the Virtual File Cabinet?
How can I open (or delete) files in the Virtual File Cabinet?
Managing tags in the Virtual File Cabinet
How do I search for files in the Virtual File Cabinet?
Working with Locations
Password Settings Overview

Password Settings (Youtube)

Your Subscription Settings
Your Subscription Plan Options
How do I manage my subscription plan options?
What is a self managed team?

Self Managed Team (Youtube)

Team invitations menu overview
How to disable teams

Disable Teams (Youtube)

How do daily task series work?

Daily Task Series (Youtube)

How do I set up a custom weekly schedule?
How do I assign unassigned tasks?
How can I complete an open task?
How do multi team task views work?
How do I view multiple team calendars?
How to edit Tasklist details
Using the Multi Team Dashboard
What are the editing guidelines?

Editing Guidelines (Youtube)

How to use the Caree Profile View
Using the Team View Dashboard
What is the Task Management Dashboard?
What are Calendar Management Tasks?
Exploring Team View

Team View (Youtube)

Editing your Profile

Edit Profile (Youtube)

Editing your Preferences
How do I view the Virtual File Cabinet?
How do I search the Virtual File Cabinet?
Exploring General Settings

General Settings (Youtube)

How do I Change Teams?

Change Team (Youtube)

I forgot my Password

Forgot Password (Youtube)

I need to Cancel My Subscription (but please don't :))
I need to Change Credit Card

Change Credit Card (Youtube)

How do I Add and Optional Plan?

Add Optional Plan (Youtube)

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