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Caregiving often feels as if we're just ticking off a giant to-do list. The problem is that list sprawls out of control in a purse or wallet, (or on the back of a receipt or sticky note). That makes it difficult to accept help from those who are willing to pitch in. The Iriis Mobile App is here to clear away the clutter and focus on the caregiver.

  • Manage To Do's from your computer or your phone
  • Focus on the things that matter most
  • Collaborate with other caregivers
  • Organize tasks and assign them to helpers
  • Schedule appointments and stay on track

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  • What can the application do for a caregiver that is overwhelmed?
  • How can it help aging parents? Will they be able to figure it out?
  • How much does it cost? Would it be a financial strain on a person with a limited income?
  • I don't have a smart phone, how can I use the app?
  • Why would a client of a home care agency be interested in this app?
  • Would the app help a parent in a senior facility?
  •  Could the app help a caregiver with a special needs child and an aging parent?
  • How can a direct care worker use the app to help their patients and clients?




Mindlight will be attending the Third Annual National Caregiving Conference.

The Third Annual National Caregiving Conference will happen on November 9 and 10, 2018 at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare, 8535 W. Higgins in Chicago. We hope you will join us in Chicago or virtually. We will FB Live broadcast both days.

The conference features presentations and panel discussions from family caregivers and former family caregivers.  Join us to connect to others who understand and to receive insights, inspirations and information. This year’s conference theme, Our Best Selves, encourages us to look at how we do our best during an experience that feels like the worst.

About Mindlight LLC

Our mission is to create solutions for the care, management, and enrichment of the lives of caregivers and their vulnerable family members. We strive to make lives better. Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our business; we create products and services that make people’s lives and the lives of their family members easier, happier, and healthier. MORE ABOUT OUR MISSION

How we Serve

We recognize the critical importance of community, shared resources and effortless team building play in “helping helpers deliver help” to those in need. There are many resources focused on assisting the elderly: healthcare services, government support, senior living, assisted living and skilled nursing, each has its own focus and purpose with many overlapping services.

Caregiver Focused

Marylynn is a full-time accountant who cares for her aging mother. Marylynn schedules her mother’s doctor appointments, drives her mother to appointments, schedules home care workers, picks up medications and medical supplies, shops for groceries, and a host of other tasks. Unfortunately, Marylynn does a majority of those tasks on her own, even though she has siblings that are willing to help. MARYLYNNS STORY

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