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We recognize the critical importance of community, shared resources and effortless team building in “helping helpers deliver help.”

There are many resources focused on assisting the aged members of our community: healthcare services, government support, senior living, assisted living and skilled nursing. Each of these resources is singularly focused and has a lot of overlap. All of these resources have one recommendation in common: the best advocacy and guardianship for our elders is engaged and organized care teams.

The Mindlight community and Iriis application are focused on helping caregivers like Marylynn collect information, collaborate with others, and coordinate with a care team by maintaining and expanding a helper plan that focuses on her needs first, and then the needs of her mother.

Our helper plan is a comprehensive list of all the tasks that Marylynn needs to complete to help her meet her mother’s needs. Using Iriis, Marylynn will be able to enter all the tasks she wants to share and invite others to assist in her mother’s care. She might invite her brother, who’s able to go to doctors’ appointments, or a neighbor willing to check in on her mom or a paid caregiver provided by her mother’s insurance company.

Marylynn’s invitation will be sent from Iriis to only those she invites, to ensure her mother’s privacy is protected. Those invited can decide if they want to accept the invitation, or if they are not yet prepared to care.

Those that accept the responsibility to share in her mother’s care will now have visibility into the tasks that Marylynn and her mother felt were most important. The rest of the team will never need to ask, what can I help with? They will see the tasks that are not yet assigned and Marylynn will be able to assign tasks to those members of the team she knows are most suited to providing the service that her mother requires.

Iriis saves Marylynn time, whenever anyone says yes to care and she doesn’t have to shoulder the responsibilities alone. Iriis is there for Marylynn, just like Marylynn is there for her mother.

Iriis stores all of the information Marylynn deems important to know about her mother: contacts, locations, tasks, appointments, and anything else she wants to load to the virtual file cabinet that will reduce the questions she will get from others about her mother’s current status.

Iriis is a critical link between the primary helper, Marylynn, and her mother’s care team. Iriis helps raise awareness to all the tasks required to help her mom. Marylynn’s family, friends, and other team members will see all the help her mother requires, and Marylynn can address potential gaps in the care her mother receives by having an overall picture of all the tasks.

MindLight’s primary focus is helping Marylynn reduce stress, improve her ability to help her mom by harnessing the power of her helper team, and help mom continue to age in place.

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Marylynn’s Story

Marylynn is a full-time accountant who cares for her aging mother. She schedules her mother’s doctor appointments, drives her mother to appointments, schedules home care workers, picks up medications and medical supplies, shops for groceries, and a host of other tasks.

Unfortunately, Marylynn does a majority of those tasks on her own, even though she has siblings that are willing to help. She deals with the “helpers burden” every day, a burden which inevitably leads to increased stress and can eventually lead to a long-term health concerns like depression and physical fatigue.

Marylynn needs help.

Specifically, she needs help from the willing members in her mother’s helper community to take some of the work off her overloaded shoulders. The problem is Marylynn doesn’t have time to call her brother and ask him to take Mom to the doctor, because then she has to tell him what to remember to ask the doctor, give him the insurance cards, provide him with the co-payment for the appointment, give him the address of the doctor’s office, and provide information that only Marylynn knows.

A simple request for help quickly spirals out of control and seems less like a “gathering of the troops” and more like a needless hassle. Marylynn has others willing to help, but organizing that help taxes her scant time in an already over scheduled day.

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