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Connecting Those Who Care with Those Who can Help

Sometimes caregiving feels like we are just checking items off or adding items to a giant to-do list. Unfortunately, that list is either in our purse or wallet, or on the back of a receipt from the pharmacy, or written on a sticky note that the dog ate. That giant to-do list is never all in one place.

It is hard to accept offers for help when we can’t even envision all the items we have to do, since the tasks are listed in a million places or we just can’t get the sticky note out of the dogs mouth.

Iriis is here to help us consolidate all those lists into one location, allowing us to see a full picture of all the tasks that we need to get done.

Iriis is both a mobile and web app that allows you to electronically invite other helpers to your shared to-do list.  Your shared to-do list can be added to from your computer or your phone, so you don’t have to find that receipt that has the name of your mother’s favorite Ensure flavor on it.

The goal of Iriis is to help you focus on what matters most, your loved one.

  • You can collaborate with others by inviting them to your caregiving team.
  • You can coordinate all the tasks that need to be done and assign those tasks to others.  You can add appointments and even assign those appointments to others.
  • Last, but not least, you can use the virtual file cabinet to store and collect information you want available for other members that are helping you care for your loved one.

One example of how you can collect information is to take a photo of the notes you took at an appointment and put it into the file cabinet to share with others. Now you don’t have to text Aunt Marge, phone Uncle Bob, and email your brother to give them updates, Iriis updates them for you. Iriis will use the preference they set inform them you made a change, and you can gain back a little bit of time in your crazy day.

Iriis can’t do the work for you, but Iriis can enable you to collect the data you need, collaborate with others regarding your loved one, and coordinate tasks with others that want to help.

Iriis is there to help get some of those items off the giant to-do list and give you some time for yourself. What would you do with more time for yourself?


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